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Floatation therapy is a deeply relaxing experience of weightlessness that is acquired by lying on your back and floating in about 10 inches of water saturated with almost 1000 lbs of Epsom Salt.  The density of the water allows everyone to float effortlessly!
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Also known by the clinical name REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), Floatation Therapy is a deeply relaxing experience of weightlessness that is acquired by lying on your back and Floating in about 10 inches of water saturated with almost 1000 lbs of Epsom Salt. Typically, there is no light or sound, but you can opt to have low lights on or have music playing. The density of the water allows everyone to Float effortlessly!

First Time Float:
60 min – $65

3 Float Series:
60 min – $180


What exactly is Floatation Therapy?

Also known by the clinical name REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy), Floatation Therapy is a deeply relaxing experience of weightlessness that is acquired by lying on your back and Floating in about 10 inches of water saturated with almost 1000 lbs of Epsom Salt. Typically, there is no light or sound, but you can opt to have low lights on or have music playing. The density of the water allows everyone to Float effortlessly!

While the water feels warm when you first get in, it is actually at normal skin temperature (93.5 degrees), with an advanced ventilation and heating system to keep this constant, so you will remain at the perfect temperature so you won’t get cold like if you stay too long in a bath.

It’s the Dead Sea Experience with high-grade pharmaceutical Dead Sea Salts!

What are the benefits of Floating?

The beauty of Floating is that it can help just about everyone! Floatation Therapy has been studied since the 1980s (its clinical name is Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or REST) and has been demonstrated to be an extremely effective natural pain reliever, improve physical recovery, and
decrease stress hormones, leading to deep levels of relaxation.

Experiments have also proven Floating to improve mental performance including memory and speed of learning, in addition to improved physical performance across multiple different sports.

The 1000 pounds of our Dead Sea Epsom Salt Blend also allows you to absorb Magnesium, sometimes referred to as the “happy mineral,” and one in which most Americans are deficient. The “Post-Float Glow” that just about everyone experiences is a combination of this along with the unique environment free from distractions that lets your body and mind naturally slow down and relax,
achieving a whole new level of relaxation that you cannot experience anywhere else!

What can I expect when I Float?

There’s no exact answer to this question, and it may be best to go in without expectations, but it is such an individual experience that we try to avoid saying too much so you’re not influenced by what someone else says.

The very first time you Float may generally be similar for many people, as you are acclimating to the experience of Floating weightlessly without external stimuli. After you become comfortable and relax, the variety of experiences one could have is infinite and only limited by your imagination and personal goals, but most people will find the experience very peaceful, relaxing, and rejuvenating.

Just like many experiences, it may vary depending on the person and if the individual has the ability to “let go” while Floating, relax the body, quiet the mind, and sink into the experience. The most common reports are profound peace and relaxation, deep concentration and creativity, yet not only will it be different for you than it is for anyone else, it will be a little different each time.

Do I Float in private?

Yes, you will be in a private, individual Float Suite (so there is no requirement to wear a swimsuit). You have exclusive access to the Floatation Therapy Room, shower, and dressing space.

How is water hygiene maintained?

Floating is extremely sanitary! Saltability Retreat has stringent health and safety regulations, meeting all local and federal health guidelines and also adhering to the national Float Tank Association’s standards.

There is almost 1000 pounds of medical grade Epsom salt dissolved in each Float Pods, and the concentration is so high that no living bacteria or microorganism can survive, similar to the Dead Sea (do you know why it’s called the Dead Sea? Because organic life can’t survive!).

After each session, the entire volume of water is pumped and filtered through a state-of-the-art, two-part filtration system, filtering through a minimum of three times between each Float. In addition, an ultraviolet light sterilization system is used. UV is the safest, most effective system available and uses the same technology as water purification systems used for drinking water. We also add a limited amount of food-grade hydrogen peroxide to ensure it is totally clean.

This purification system will remove particles to 1 micron (that’s 1/100th of a human hair!) “Sounds like a lot”? We take it seriously so you don’t have to worry, and to ensure each client will experience a pristine room and a fully relaxing experience! Our systems are automated to ensure cleanliness, with
additional layered quality control checks performed regularly.

For how long do you normally Float?

All of our Floats are typically 60 minutes, and we typically recommend this for first time Clients. Most people can’t believe how fast the time goes by!
Some people enjoy Floating for longer, anywhere from 90 minutes to 2-3 hour sessions or more! Of course the “perfect” way is to stay in until you want to get out. You may be able to arrange that, as we offer custom times to suit your needs as well.

Is there a right way to do it?

Yes, all the ways are right! Each person should find whatever position is comfortable for them: some people Float with their hands at their sides, some with their hands folded across their chest or abdomen, or behind their heads.

We offer Floating neck pillows if you want, with some Clients preferring this and others finding it a distraction. Float the way it is comfortable for you and explore what is best for you!

How many times do I need to Float?

The benefits of Floating will happen even with only one Float, however, like any therapy, consistent and repeated usage amplifies the results. For us, Floating is an incredibly unique experience that cannot be limited, and to maximize the infinite potential, you may want to incorporate it as part of your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

Almost universally, first-time Floaters feel the benefits and see the potential after their initial session and want to return again, and our Float Spa Managers can help you determine which of our series will best fit your needs.

Some people may expect to Float 2-3 times before really noticing the feeling and difference that Floating can make. It can take a session or two to get a better sense of what Floating is like, stripping away your expectations, and allowing yourself to relax and let go.

Another constant is that there seems to be a cumulative effect with consistent Floating. Relaxation is a learned art that needs practice!

This sounds like some new-age nonsense, how come I haven’t heard of this?

Floating has been around for over 40 years, and has tons of published research to back it up. No nonsense here!

Floating has recently seen some re-popularization due to its proven effectiveness as a holistic healing therapeutic method for the body and mind. Floatation Therapy has been used for decades by athletes, artists, actors, and entrepreneurs. Although it is more popular and maintains a higher level of awareness internationally, including Europe and the UK, as well as the west coast of the US, many people still are unfamiliar with Floating and have never tried it before – maybe like you if you’re reading this – come see what you’ve been missing!

Can I float with DYE Hair Color?

Our protocol requires everyone wears a provided swimming cap. To protect your hair, as well as our Float Room water, we require any recent hair dye or other hair treatments to be washed a minimum of 4 times prior to your Float or until your hair rinses clear.

What happens if I fall asleep? Can I drown?

Relax… If sleep happens, it happens because you need it! It has been said that one hour of rest while Floating is equivalent to 4 hours of deep sleep in your bed. Being in 10 inches of water will keep you from flipping over, and some people come Float specifically to get extra rest and nap!

The water is buoyant enough to keep you afloat, so there is no risk or problem with allowing yourself to drift away. Floating also doesn’t require any swimming skills whatsoever! You’ll Float, effortlessly, like a cork and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are because of the very dense Epsom salt solution.

I've heard that salt water is bad - won't it wrinkle my skin?

Exactly the opposite! Because the water contains high Epsom salt levels, it doesn’t rob your skin of salt, (which is what causes wrinkling). Rather, it leaves your skin soft and silky and does not dry it out – in fact, Epsom salt has actually been used in treating skin ailments!

Epsom salt is very beneficial to a person’s skin and it is not like the ocean. Epsom salt may also be beneficial in strengthening the hair, and there are numerous health benefits from the Magnesium found in Epsom salts, which is absorbed through your skin while Floating, particularly that it is known
to relax and soothe tired muscles and joints, making it highly effective in combating chronic pain and for athletic recovery.

You also thoroughly rinse the salt from your hair and body during your post-Float shower.

Are there any negative side effects?

Not in the true sense of the word. On very rare occasions, some first-time Clients may emerge from their Float feeling slightly nauseous. This may be indicative of the detoxification effects of Magnesium absorption – a good thing. Clients rarely experience any cases of nausea in subsequent visits.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Floatation Therapy is one of the easiest activities imaginable and no major preparation is needed! The only precaution that you should take is that you should not shave, wax, or tan at all on the day of your Float session (We recommend not doing so within 24 hours of your Float). The high salt content
of the water can be irritating to freshly shaved, tanned, or waxed skin. We provide petroleum jelly in every room for you to cover any small cuts in case you forget!

All new Clients, please make sure to arrive 15 minutes early prior to your scheduled time to ensure you are able to Float for the full duration so we can be respectful of all of our Clients and maintain our schedule.

Before you enter the Floatation Therapy Room itself, you will shower thoroughly before, insert ear plugs to keep the salt out of your ears, and make sure any scratches or small cuts are covered.

Please do not wear any hair or skin products prior to Floating that cannot be easily removed in your pre-Float shower. If you have hair coloring that has not set (at least 72 hours) you cannot go in the Floatation Therapy Room until the color is set and nothing washes out in the shower.

We recommend trying not to eat within about an hour before your Float and to have an empty stomach and bladder – you don’t want to be distracted from your experience by feeling stuffed or feeling starved! We also recommend that you avoid caffeine within about 4 hours prior to your Float.

Don’t forget to use the bathroom before Floating if you need to!

Come with an open and positive mind, and our friendly, knowledgeable Float Spa Team Members will also be there to answer any questions and help guide you through the process!

Do I need to bring anything? Can I bring a bathing cap or swimsuit to wear?

Just yourself! We’ll provide everything you need including showers, soap, shampoo, towels, and ear-plugs! Floating nude is typical and preferred by just about everyone. You are in your private, individual Float Suite the entire time which also includes your own adjacent shower and changing area with all of our complimentary amenities.

You will only need to bring your usual post-shower products such as brush/comb, contact lenses case/solution, makeup, etc, for use in our separate Vanity Room if needed. Our Vanity Room contains hairdryers, skin lotion, detangler, and deodorant for your use!

Can I float if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

No.  (Please see Who CANNOT float)

Can I Float if I am menstruating?

Yes, you would just need to follow the same protocol as you would for a swimming pool.

Who CANNOT Float?

The health and safety of our Clients is of utmost importance to us. Accordingly, Saltability Retreat reserves the right to refuse service and will do so for the following reasons (you should not Float if you fall under any of the categories below):

  • Allergies to Magnesium
  • Taking Medicine, Antibiotics, or water pills that have negative interactions or contraindications with Magnesium
  • Epileptics or those with seizures that are not medically controlled
  • Children under 16 years of age
  • Children under 18 years of age without parent or legal guardian consent
  • Pregnant or breast feeding women
  • Post natal – 3 months min with physician approval ( and not breast feeding)
  • Anyone with skin rashes, skin conditions, or any open wounds
  • Anyone with an infectious or contagious disease (including the common cold)
  • Individuals with kidney problems
  • Those with any mental health conditions which would cause them to harm themselves or others
  • Anyone intoxicated / under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Anyone that disturbs the serene environment at Salability Retreat

If you have any pre-existing medical condition, are taking any antibiotics, medicines (prescription or otherwise), supplements, or water pills, especially those that may interact negatively with Magnesium (from the Epsom salts) or have any concerns as to whether you should try Floatation Therapy, please
consult your physician first. Your should always follow the recommendations of your doctor, physician, or healthcare provider.

If you just received a piercing or tattoo you must wait at least 10-14 days, 14 preferably, or as directed by your artist. Recent hair dye must have been washed twice minimally within the last 72 hours since being dyed, to ensure no damage to your hair or the Float Room water.